Formation of Pax Christi Catholic Partnership

On 1st March 2015, our three schools, St Benet Biscop Catholic High School, St Peter’s RC Middle School and St Paul’s RC First School converted to become a Multi Academy Trust under the name of Pax Christi Catholic Partnership, with the registered company number: 09378390.

The schools became known as St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy, St Peter’s Catholic Academy and St Paul’s Catholic Academy.

On 31st August 2017, St Peter’s RC Middle School formally closed, and St Paul’sRC First School changed to become a Primary School known as Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Academy. The children on the roll of St Peter’s RC Middle School transferred to either the roll of St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy or Ss Peter & Pauls Catholic Academy.

Governance Structure

Pax Christi Catholic Partnership Multi Academy Trust is overseen by a body of three Members who delegate the oversight of the Trust’s activities to the Board of Directors. There are 3 committees of the Board of Directors;

Finance & Audit
St Benet Biscop Local Governing Body.
Ss Peter and Paul's Local Governing Body

Members of Pax Christi Catholic Partnership

The Rt Rev Robert Byrne

Mrs D Fox

Mr P Mills

The Chief Executive appointed under Article 57

Mr Kevin Shepherd

Foundation Directors

Mr P Mills (Chair)

Rev Peter Stott

Mrs Dorothy Brett

Mrs Joan Peugniez

 Mrs Pat Wager


Co-Opted Directors

Mr M Breeze

Local Governing Body Members

St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy

Mrs C Mills (Chair)

Mrs D Wallace (Vice Chair)

Mrs C Smith (Foundation Governor)

Mrs M Laux (Foundation Governor)

Rev Shaun Purdy (Foundation Governor)

Mrs Sarah Legge (Foundation Governor)

Mr J Floyd (Staff Governor)

Local Governing Body Members

Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Academy

Mrs Louise Myerscough (Headteacher\Ex-Officio)

Foundation Governors

Mrs Colette Teresa Barrett

Ms Rosemary Brownlow

Mr Thomas William Kevin Dawson (Chair)

Mr Edward Lavender

Rev Paul Jenkins

Mrs Bernadette Pye (Vice Chair)

Mr John Reid

Mrs Louise Roberts

Miss Louise Wrigley

Parent Governors

Mrs Anne O'Brien

Mrs Helen Ross-Bell

Finance & Audit Committee Members

Mrs A Borthwick (Chair)

Mr P Mills

Mr M Breeze

Clerk to the Board of Directors

Claire Mitchell, AVEC Governance Partner - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Associated Documents


Annual Accounts 2017/18

Annual Accounts 2018/19

Articles of Association

Attendance Records - Directors 2018/19

Attendance Records - Directors 2019/20

Attendance Records - SPP LGB 2019/20

Attendance Records - SBB LGB 2019/20

Funding Agreement – Master Pax Christi Catholic Partnership

Funding Agreement – Supplemental St Benet Biscop

Funding Agreement – Supplemental St Peter’s

Funding Agreement – Supplemental St Paul’s

Memorandum of Association

Register of Personal & Business Interests - Board of Directors

Register of Personal & Business Interests St Benet Biscop Local Governing Body

Register of Personal & Business Interests Ss Peter & Paul's Local Governing Body

Terms of Reference – Audit Committee

Terms of Reference – Scheme of Delegation Decision Planner

Terms of Reference – Finance & Staffing Committee

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